Notifus: notifies you about unanswered GMail conversations

Notifus is a browser extension which enhances GMail. Its main purpose is to free our mind of worries about unanswered e-mails.

Notifus allows you to attach a small "alarm clock" to any conversation:

It will automatically "ring" at a specified time in the future moving this conversation back to your Inbox.

How to use Notifus

There is exactly one workflow you may use with Notifus, but it is a fantastic workflow!

  1. When you write a mail to Bob asking for something, click "Send" with the right mouse button (not the left one). In appeared Notifus menu choose "Send & notify me in 3 days" (for example):
  2. The mail will be sent. Press "Archive" button — the mail will dissappear from your Inbox. You may forget about it with no worry and free you mind.
  3. When 3 days passed, Bob — of course! — did nothing (he just moved your mail into trash — a familiar situation, isn't it?). It's time to remind him about your petition!
  4. And here Notifus come to the stage. It will automatically move the conversation with Bob into your Inbox.
  5. Now you see a new mail and may write something like "Hey, Bob, do you have any news for me?" and press "Send & remind me in 3 days" again.
  6. After the third reminder Bob will certainly satisfy your petition.

Reply to all participants of a forwarded mail

Notifus adds a couple of useful buttons at the right side of all forwarded e-mails headers. Try them.

Auto-BCC: copy all outgoing mail to a particular person

Edit the set of notification intervals in Notifus menu


  1. Install GreaseMonkey extension if you use Firefox or GreaseKit if you use Safari.
  2. Install Notifus script for Chrome / Firefox+GreaseMonkey / Safari+GreaseKit.
  3. Restart your browser, then — go to GMail.
  4. Enjoy new buttons & receive notifications.

We strictly respect your privacy

Notifus is created with respect to your privacy. It never receives any personal data from your GMail inbox nor message bodies. Notifus servers do not have access to your mailbox over IMAP, OAuth nor using any other methods. We do not need to read your mails and have no rights to do it.

Again: Notifus servers do not receive your e-mail texts nor have access to your mailbox. You may ensure this by watching its browser script.